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has put together a nice little consumer software review for the internet. Figured I would pass along his wisdom and recommendations for you guys, in an effort to educate you on some fun and useful software you can personally use. Software has a lot of applications, and it’s extremely sweet when those applications can be enjoyed by everyday people like ourselves. Industrial technology is sweet too, but consumer technology that has mind altering software which can be used everyday like modern day smart phones, and that beautifully designed tesla model S is what so many of us really appreciate. Check out this cool video and learn about some sweet software you can start using today.

Software is more than just a few lines of codes strung together in order to create a desired outcome. It is the language of man and machine, and it is art. Software can perform the same task but be programmed in infinitely different ways. Similar to the way you can say the same thing, multiple ways, and it means essentially the same thing, but perhaps there are different connotations and such that come with it. Software utilizes a beautiful language, and a highly effective language that is predicated on preciseness. Using software and the language of code, man has created a relationship with machine that has taken us to a new level of human existence. Man has lured machine through software to take on much of the grunt work in the world and has dramatically increased our production capabilities. Our entire global economy is reliant on this language of man and machine to help us produce and transport large sums of good across the world efficiently. Every step in the global supply chain is executed through high end software and the communication of one machine to another. Because of software and the advancements we have made over the past few decades we are able to scale our economies and live in the fashion we do today. It will be interesting to see what enhancements and changes comes about from future software .

Check out this video to really understand how software, can orchestrate an entire warehouse with little to no human interaction. I think this will really shed light on why we love software here at MeanSoftware.com

While we are getting everything together here is something to keep your attention. We can’t promise we will be done with the site before you finish, but we will be nine minutes and seventeen seconds closer. Feel free to send fan letters or offer post recommendations via email.

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